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12 & 13 July 2008
Burning Bush, 2005

Performers – 2006
Artists to perform at Rhythms of the World 2006

To find out the performance times of all artists; get hold of a copy of the Rhythms of the World programme, or check out the information boards around the festival. Click here to find out where to get your copy.

If you would like to donate some cash towards this years festival, click here to find out how.

A Thousand Suns
Hitchin/Stevenage based indie/post punk band in the mould of their heroes The Libertines.

Acoustic Astronauts
Acoustic set from members of "veteran punky folksters" The Astronauts.

Additional Moog
Occupying the same aural territory as Wilco, Pavement and The Band, they made their debut supporting KT Tunstall. "Holy Jukebox" out now on iTunes.

Agent M
Downtempo selection of funk, reggae and hip-hop.

Technical extreme metal with a strong progressive edge, incorporating heavy groove riffage and elements of jazz into the equation.

Al Marzocchi
An excursion into the dirtier mysterious end of house music.

Al Start
Quirky indie-acoustic singer/songwriter from Brighton, smooth vocals and thumpin' guitar. "Some girls are born to perform" - DIVA.

Female-fronted indie-pop band present a captivating cinematic show with live visuals by VJ Jona. Expect strong songs, distinctive vocals and (genuinely) outstanding guitar.

Ana Silvera
25-year-old London-born singer/songwriter. Originally trained as a classical singer, she draws on jazz and acoustic genres to rich effect.

Andy Whittle
"Write Andy Whittle off as Just Another Singer/Songwriter at your peril… What you have here is something really quite precious indeed” - Sandman Magazine 2005.

Ardent Kicks
Back with a more refined sound after a break from gigging, with a brand new set. Infectious funk rock that will shake your bones!

ARKangel: Histoire Du Tango
The heart-rending story of Argentine Tango, from Buenos Aires ghettos to European nightclubs and concert halls. Haunting rhythms, outrageous Piazzolla.The heart-rending story of Argentine Tango, from Buenos Aires ghettos to European nightclubs and concert halls. Haunting rhythms, outrageous Piazzolla.

Their first show for six months with a new line-up, prepare for unadulterated rock action! From earthshaking riffs to ominous melodic subtlety, it's all here.

Ayla Schafer
18-year-old singer/songwriter, combining her political compassion with the wisdom of soul to create fresh and emotional songs.



Babar Luck
Born and raised in Pakistan, Barbar Luck came to London when he was eight years old. Growing up a Pakistani in Upton Park Barbar was influenced by all types of music, from punk to James Brown and by the struggles of everyday life. He fell under the spell of reggae music and its universal message of unity against struggle, combined with hip-hop street poetry and reality music. He started using these styles with the song craft ideas of the Beatles, Motorhead and Black Sabbath to create something inspiring. A member of the band King Prawn for some 10 years he then left to take up a solo career. ‘I felt like a mad professor creating something unique, egged on by my associates and friends.’ ‘I wanted to convey the fact that my friends felt voiceless and like misfits in an ever changing environment. This living in two or three different cultures makes one open to all viewpoints.’

Passion, commitment, melody, riffs, stark, challenging, truthful – the solo artist that is Barbar Luck

“ Pakistani Londoner Luck [is] marvellous (and hilarious), with a guitar and voice of world-folk songs that somehow referenced the Chilli Peppers, Billy Bragg, The Clash, and Bob Marley. Don’t turn down a chance to see him”, Time Out, London, Sept 14th 2005.

Bad Habit Live
Kyle Sherwood and friends bring their own blend of sexy filtered funk to ROTW 2006.

Badwell Ash
Cambridge-based 3-piece, described as "soulful indie rock with a strong blues undertone."

Baron Sound Studios
Benji (Fritz)and Roger, ROTW soldiers playing the finest in dub and reggae.

Bass Relief
Freeform jazz mixed with poetry.

Leeds/Sheffield-based jazz quartet, mixing original compositions with modern interpretations of jazz classics. Inspired by the freedom of mid-60s jazz.

Beck Goldsmith
A Nottinghamshire-based master of smart and emotive songwriting. Nationally distributed, Beck is a stunning vocalist with a rich and edgy acoustic sound.

Bex Marshall
"An explosion of blue-hot acoustic roots rock, poker twisted with a whippin' of bluegrass." Recently supported Hayseed Dixie and Bob Dylan.

Black Eye
Extreme melodic metal with elements of prog and heavy rock in the vein of Nevermore, Opeth and latter day Pantera.

New Zimbabwean group based in the UK, blending Afro, Caribbean and jazz rhythms using keyboards, acoustics, bass and drums.

Blonde Louis
Letchworth/Hitchin-based band writing and playing great melodic songs, with some unusual twists, in the tradition of classic English pop.

Blunt Beats Family
Freestyle back to back warm up by the Blunt Beats family.

Boom In The Diamond Industry
An individual brand of infectious and hook-laden party-vibe post-hardcore. Guaranteed to kickstart any shindig!

Buddhist Monks
Karaniya Metta Sutta - 2540-year-old verses for all sentient beings will be chanted by Venerable Samitha, Sri Lankan Theravadan Buddhist monk resident in Letchworth.


Hauntingly melancholic, eclectic acoustic electric, ketamine indie.

Caliber XX
Brutal metal from north Scotland.

This is performance art. Martial Arts and Art - combined to form art in the streets of Hitchin!

So what is it? Well, Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music with fighting techniques.It was developed by Brazilian slaves of African descent some time in the 16th century. Since it was illegal for slaves to practice fighting skills, they altered native African religious dances so that when they practised their art they would appear to simply be dancing. One experiences the essence of capoeira by "playing" a physical game called jogo de capoeira. During this ritualized combat, two capoeiristas attack and defend in a constant flow of movement. The speed and character of the jogo are determined by the rhythm of the berimbau, a one-string musical bow, itself complemented by the pandeiro (tambourine), atabaque (single-headed standing drum), agogo (double bell), and reco-reco (grooved segment of bamboo scraped with a stick).

To see capoeira live is to appreciate its athleticism. Kicks, spins and flips are just part of what make up the animated, balletic sport. The group we have in Hithcin are from the Capoeria Anglo Palmares group from London. Spectacular in its own right.

But what this project does is extend the movement and agility of those involved, by the addition of paint – lots of it – on hands and feet, which is then transferred in an ever changing, huge, artwork onto the floor – be it a canvas or the street! A dynamic, exciting and electric performance. If you want sport, music and art you cannot miss Capoeria Dance

Cara-Jane Murphy
27-year old singer/songwriter with an eclectic mix acoustic reggae, ska, blues, folk and haunting ballads, with teh occasional revised cover.

Carl Williams

Carl is a piano entertainer in every sense of the word, with incredible charisma and an unbelievable playing ability. Stunning to watch and listen to

An indie, punky 3-piece with catchy songs and gritty lyrics.

Chris Ripple
People getting it in the neck this year will include Tony Blair, George Bush and David Cameron. Welcome to the satirical poets' ball…

Metal from Royston with thrash and hardcore influences.



Danny Cluso
Your host for the Portmill Stage.

Danny Spice feat. Lounj eAlon

Exclusive set performing material from his forthcoming release ft. production by Lewis Parker not to be missed!!!

David van Cauter
Accessible, cheerful poetry, but bittersweet with a sting in the tail. First collection: Tornado in Cleethorpes (2002).

Dead Shade Of Red
Screamo/metal band, soon to be touring the UK with My Vendetta.

Solid, driving progressive rock, drawing influence from QOTSA, Placebo, Jeff Buckley, The Mars Volta and Muse.

Dirty Work
Letchworth based OI! punkers giving their take on oldskool punk rock. Expect tartan trousers, mohawk hair cuts, and a politically involved frame of thought.

DJ Hemlock and Life Intensive
The freshest hip hop spun by your hosts for the afternoon.

DJ Hughes
SAT: Chilled out hip hop and soulful breaks from DJ Hughes to wrap things up. SUN: Blunted dub sounds, mixed up by DJ Hughes.

DJ Prolifik
Hip-hop and turntablism courtesy of our special guest from north of the border.

Local professional DJ/producer, playing electro and dirty house. Has played alongside Aphex Twin and Scratch Perverts, among others.

SAT: Worldwide sounds from Blunt Beats resident Doug. SUN: Hop-hop and funk from far afield.

Down Caste
The whiling maelstrom of drunken belligerence adn devastating carnage.

Drew Elliott
Baldock based Drew Elliott armed with laptop and top tunes debuts new material of an acoustic/alternative vibe.

Dulsori is a dynamic and unique Korean Percussion group bringing you Korean traditional rhythm with a modern style. Dulsori’s inspiration is a traditional Korean art form called “Madangnori”.

Using huge kodo drums Dulsori stage a magnificent spectacle, but not just put on a show. A key part of what Dulsori want is to create an intimacy between the audience and the performers. And they do this by encouraging the audience to participate during the performances, to create an energetic, festive party atmosphere. As a result both performers and audience experience the sheer energy and brightness of Asian culture.

Dulsori really are one of the many highlights of the Festival and we guarantee an hour you won’t forget!


End Of Reason
Combining their individual influences, new and old, to produce their own blend of emotionally charged and intense, heavy music.

A high octane tour de force of live drum and bass fron this hotly tipped band.

SAT: Funk session with the Erbalist. SUN: Ska and rocksteady to finish off the festival in fine style.

Modern rock'n'roll with hammond driven songs. Their intricate melodies interweave between passionate 70's rock and soulful lyrics.

Eve Killip
Eve hopes that people enjoy and relate to her poems, which reflect her life.


Fireapple Red
Positive, original and energetic music, with influences ranging from UK punk, hip-hop, reggae and folk to 80s rock and thrash metal.

Fist Fights and Brake Lights
Luton-based post-hardcore/screamo 5-piece.

Frog Stupid
...have gained many a fan locally with their melodic, horn-fuelled punk rock, cheeky ska and emotive breakdowns coupled with an energetic live show.

Funky Strings
Hitchin based string group playing jazz, Latin and world music.


Christine Bunning and Wendy Brennan are internationally acclaimed opera singers who just happen to live in Hitchin. How lucky is that? Contact them at [email protected]

Graeme Lloyd
An experienced actor, writer and poet and a member of Parnassus Performance for 11 years. This is his second year at Rhythms

Grant Meaby
Local poet with a caustic sence of humourand relevant subject matter aka Mr Angry.


4-piece Luton-based band combining male and female vocals, over fast-paced, good-time punk/pop and rock music.

Hannah Johnson & Nathan Hilton
Singer song writing duo with guitar and keyboards

Hertfordshire Music Services Rock Project
Showcase of young bands from Hertfordshire throughout the afternoon at Club 85.

Hitchin Allstar Choir
Acapella choir with a fresh and inspirational mix of songs including jazz, soul, pop, African and Irish.

Horace X
Horace X formed in 1993, combining infectious dance rhythms with Eastern European fiddle tunes. They played their first gig sharing the billing with virtuoso Bulgarian jazzer, Ivo Papasov, and have gone on to play virtually everywhere in the UK, Europe and Canada - the Montreal Jazz Festival, Glastonbury Jazz World, Cambridge Folk Festival, Strawberry Fair and many more.

They have been described as ‘High Energy Reggae-Dance Fusion; a swirling twisting sound scape, wild Celtic, Gypsy and Asian tunes, reed splitting jazz horns, ragga chants, devastating bass and drums, and irresistible dance beats collide in a manic mix of organic and digital, live and sequenced, traditional and contemporary sounds. Startling UV visuals create a completely unique sensory episode’ – they can be bright!

"Horace X continues to develop their uniquely wacky mélange of bouncy funhouse sounds: ragga-style vocals, sax & clarinet honks, furious fiddling, and irresistible dance beats... good clean head-scratching fun"

KZSU Zookeeper (2005)

"The band, who like to glow in the dark, defy categorisation on any level apart from their fluorescence. They successfully fuse the contemporary sounds of reggae, modern jazz, funky dance and raga with the traditional tunes of Celtic and Asian music... Their energy and opulence on stage demands involuntary dancing from even the most self-conscious of listener.

Wendy Rowe, Red Pages (2004)

Indie with a punk rock kick.


Early morning ambient workings to warm the proceedings.


Jo and Jon (from Ike)
Jo and Jon from dark new wave band IKE bring their 'almost anti-folk' edgy acoustic set to the eclectic stage at this year's Rhythms.

Joe Driscoll
Modern-day one-man band, using a delay pedal as a sampler to build multilayered loops. Originally from NYC, with countless influences.

John James Newman
Acoustic singer/songwriter with an energetic yet sensitive style, whose enthusiasm and natural charisma never fail to please.

Jon Gomm
Leeds-based singer/songwriter. A true virtuoso, using one acoustic guitar to create the sound of a whole band.

Joy Chance
Female poet exraordinaire, current political agendas and serious life issues taken to heart.

Jus Nach Productions
Young motivated drummers who have been perfecting the sound of the dhol drum to bring the addictive sounds of Bhangra to life.


Quirky acoustic trio based on the charango, coupled with groovy bass and classical instruments. These intertwine in strong, catchy songs showcasing humour, melancholy and politics.

Katie Brayben
Thoughtful and sincere singer/songwriter with a powerful voice. Her style is a unique, melodic mixture of blues, jazz and folk.

6-piece wth metal, indie, hip-hop and electronic influences, among others.


Laura Hewison
Young musician who combines voice and cello to produce innovative and expressive arrangements of both traditional folk and original songs.

Left Engine
Dischord influenced edgy alt rock with an ever growing fan base and very positive performance.

Linda's Nephew
Disco-friendly electro-pop/emo.

6-piece band with reggae, soul, blues, jazz and funk influences, returning once again to ROTW.

Liquorice All Sax
A new, locally based saxophone quartet playing a mix of cool jazz standards and ballads.

Luton Youth Jazz Orchestra
Youth Big Band, formed Feb. 2002, part of Luton Music Service. Playing music from 1920s onwards, and available for hire.

Lynch Law
Folk duo performing a selection of traditional and contemporary songs and tunes.


Stepping out of school in to the misty halls with instruments in hand to make… jazz!

Rising star from Speakers Corner Collective performs tracks from his new album.

Many Things Untold
Post-hardcore/screamo 5-piece from London.

Marcus G Hurley
SAT: Funk & soul grooves from Marcus G Hurley for Blunt Beats. SUN: Soul, Blues and R&B superbly blended for the summer sunshine.

Mark Evans
"A truly gifted songsmith who can hold his own with Kris Kristofferson and Billy Joe Shaver." Mike Hyland, Hyland Hills Music, Nashville.

Piano based female singer/songwriter with a unique voice. "Songs Katie Melua could only dream of" Dominik Diamond - Xfm.

Matthew Ord
Guitarist and singer performing new arrangements of songs and dance music from Britain and America alongside original compositions inspired by those traditions.

6-piece teenage rap/rock fusion band based in North-West Kent and North London.

Members Of Saaz
A journey of musical meditation based on classical Indian ragas and rhythms. Vocals interwoven with rhythmic patterns invoke spiritual moods of oneness, peace and harmony.

Michael Berk
Fusing elements of rock, jazz, blues and flamenco, Michael has developed a unique take on "fast and furious" acoustic guitar.

Ministry Of Bhangra
A tour de force of their own inimitable style.

Model Horror
Taking to the stage, their bright sound of punching synth and indie disco beats promises to thump through the crowd. Not to be missed!

Those of you who were at ROTW 2005 will remember the pulsating set by Zion Train – fronted by Molara, their lead vocalist for the past 14 years who has forged a fearsome reputation as a live singer par excellence. Her commanding performances have entranced festivals and venues across Europe and the World.

Now performing in her own right, her powerful voice and emotional delivery have earned respect from people like roots reggae giants Bim Sherman and Devon Russell whilst also venturing into folk and acoustic music with Headmix, The Suns and Al Scott (Oyster Band member and a much respected producer).

Born in Manchester of English and Nigerian parents, her musical education began with her parent’s love of rhythm & blues, jazz and Nigerian highlife. Having Fela and Femi Kuti as family members also had an impact, with her cousin Femi Kuti contributing backing vocals!

Molara’s new band is the culmination of 3 years of development. The main difference that Zion Train fans will recognize is that this is a ‘proper’ band – bass, drums, guitar, keyboards as well as turntables and 3 part harmony vocals. Molara is painting in different shades, employing dynamics from a whisper to a heartfelt cry. Her solo material includes some reworked Zion Train classics, some great new songs, radical cover versions and traditional Nigerian Yoruba tunes over nyabinghi drumming.

Molara brings this warm, affecting show to meet fans old and new. Fly on the wings of this luxurious, magical music

The sublime sound of the funkier side of breakbeats from the legendary Daniel Kirby.

Mozart 250
Happy Birthday Wolfgang !

In a festival as lively as Rhythms of the World how could we forget the biggest birthday of them all: Mozart's 250th! Stephen Baron celebrates the greatest of all musicians with live piano music by Mozart, in part with audience participation for the younger Festival goers – i.e your children!. What better a setting than St Mary’s Church to celebrate the musical genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Stephen Baron performs widely around the country in piano music shows and workshops for children as well as events for adults. He is also a teacher and composer.

My Pet Junkie
Thrilling to watch, with a truly unique style and songs that are at once beautiful and bizarre, MPJ will hold back the rain once more!


Neil Fox
The co-founder of FilmStock provides a cinematically influenced selection.

The first UK visit of 5 Amazonian Indian musicians from the Mehinaku tribe performing specially composed music, playing and dancing in collaboration with Marlui Miranda, Ravi and Martin Brunsden (2 guest British Musicians). Marlui has spent 20 years studying the traditional music of the Amazonian Indians and is an expert performer in her own right. Ravi plays the kora and Martin is a respected jazz bassist.

‘Neuneneu’ roughly translates into ‘human plurality’ - a concept unique to the Mehinaku Indians that expresses their understanding of humanity and their interaction with the outside world. For them, music is a perfect expression of this plurality: they consider every sound to be music – every stone falling, every arrow cutting through the air. There is no distinction between life and music. For the Mehinaku tribe, music is closely tied to spirituality, so their music is gentle, subtly virtuosic, with a great textural beauty. Dance and movement also play a central part. The group plays new arrangements of traditional tunes which retain the music’s spiritual nature, using flutes, guitar, percussion and voices.


Old Skool Reason
4-piece mixing ambience, riffs and catchy melodies. Employing harmony and atmosphere, they draw from countless musical and non-musical influences.

Olde Crone
Stoner/doom 4-piece with psychedelic elements in between monolithic heavy doom riffs and grooving melodies.

Olympus Mons
3-piece London-based indie band, with bohemian sympathies, melodic passages and a subdued sense of anxiety. Supported Babyshambles in 2005.

OSIBISA exploded onto the music world in 1971 with a pulsating and vibrant sound that was to engulf the tired post 60’s rock scene. Translated from Ghanaian OSIBISA means ‘criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness'.

The OSIBISA poly-rhythms and percussive breaks were to be an integral feature of the disco boom that was to follow in the late 1970s. OSIBISAs unique fusion of Africa, Caribbean, rock, jazz, Latin and R&B paved the way for other potent music forces such as Bob Marley and the emergence of African music in the 80's. OSIBISAs enduring success has been their highly energetic and extravagant stage show, and their music is still an influential factor in dance music of today with no fewer than a dozen covers of 'Sunshine Day'.

For many years now they’ve toured the world headlining numerous festivals and have even had a No I Gold Album in India - an unprecedented achievement for a western band. Oisbisa have certainly earned their title of ‘The Godfathers of World Music’.


Park Bench Poet
Frontman and local lad Matt Loveridge performs an organic mix of folk and hip-hop, creating an original sound that is not to be missed.

Paul Goodwin
Singer/songwriter with a distinctive blend of raw, angry and intense emotions and delicate music.

Paul Scourfield
Squeeze-box maestro Paul will get you jigging and grooving with traditional tunes from England, Ireland and beyond.

PdM are a 9 man bhangra band hailing from Gravesend in Kent. The style of their music is based on a seamless foundation of traditional & thumping western beats of new-age Bhangra. 

PdM, which stands for Pend De Munde, heralded their arrival on the Bhangra music scene in 1992 with an almighty bang with their eponymous titled debut album. PDM are renowned for their lively and upbeat live performances and have entertained people all over the UK and across the Globe.

PdM have already had three hit Bhangra albums, and their latest album “The Pump” heralded world wide recognition with a deal with Venus Records in India.

‘The summer sun is waiting for the renaissance of the new PdM’.

Prize Fight Winner

Project Adorno
Electronic beat poetry duo, back by popular demand! Kraftwerk meets the Krankies at a Leonard Cohen gig…

Described in Rhythm magazine as sounding like "King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and the BBC Youth Jazz Orchestra all playing together."


A fusion of indie, punk and ska from Stevenage, St Albans and Kings Langley.

Ransom Badbones
One of the most under-rated MC's in the UK from the Task Force Family comes to bless the High Street Stage.

Upbeat rock & roll musika, influenced by Billy Idol, with guitar shades of The Cult. Currently working on their debut album.

Road To Kitty Hawk
"4-piece experimental sort of band for Hertfordshire"

Robyn Johnson
15-year-old female hip-hop/rap lyricist, who has been rapping for three years.

An eclectic collective of musical detectives from Watford. Their unique sound is a hybrid of pop, dance, rock and trip-hop.

Roland Chadwick
Half man, half guitar. Some say he’s the Guitar Slinger. Some say he’s the Wizard of Oz. Others say they saw him in the Cotswolds selling his soul to a blind man with a red hat holding a magic plectrum made of solid sound. The mystery deepens and the truth may never be told.

Ronan Boyle
An Irish rocket scientist who will stop you in your tracks with his bittersweet songs and notoriously powerful delivery, all whilst eating a bear!

Rosie Jones

Rotating Leslie
One of Hertfordshire's best kept secrets. Promoting new single "Fire! Fire!" they excite wherever they play!

Rough Edge Quartet
Catchy dub-dance vibe. A range of influences across a global spectrum provides a fresh, rootsy sound.


Salsa with And123
Salsa - the Latin dance that is everywhere. Can be found at Hitchin Football Club every Tuesday.

Sam Watkins
Cambridge based singer/songwriter, with original songs that are kind of alt-country/Americana, with a bit of indie/punk thrown in for good measure!

Scar My Eyes
Local groove-based metallers from Royston, Herts. Influenced by Machine Head, Pantera and Slayer.

Scavenger's Daughter
A 5-piece metal band, featuring sx Syrus/Sentinal members, playing original axe-wielding, neak-snapping, face-ripping hard driving heavy metal.

Scripted Tragedies
Experimental Hardcore from Luton, new to the scene, but these guys are already showing what they can do.

Stevenage based metalcore in the vein of Chimanira

Silent Ground
A UK post-hardcore 5-piece from Peterborough.

Sikh and Christian Music of Celebration:
Choirs and musicians of the two different traditions play and sing some of their favourite pieces in celebration for this time of togetherness in Hitchin's oldest sacred space.

Sir Walter J Wallis
The legend returns! Presenting selected tracks from his new album, The Road to Burlesque. A hybrid of rock, funk and psychedelia.

Fusing elements of punk, ska, metal and funk into a melodic sound with creativity in every song. Don't miss their explosive set!

Smokin' Dick Burns
A large drunken buffoon with a guitar. He's suffered for his art and now it's your turn!

So Long Angel
Playing soulful blues, roots and haunting original songs which feature the sultry, impassioned voice and bass-playing of songwriter Fran McGillivray.

Splittin Rocks
Celtic rock band, playing traditional Irish tunes "rocked up," fast and furious!

Stevey Jay
Set from local MC who has made a dent on the UK Urban scene even though he is yet to release a record.

STS: Stig/Logic Theory
Stig and LT mixing it reminiscent of the old STS days. We're great - you're great - everybody's great!


Tabeeya Raqs Sharqi Egyptian Dance
Traditional and contemporary Egyptian dance, performed with passion. The dancers are experienced performers and teachers who have studied extensively in the UK and Egypt.

Local entertaining poet with a very mischievous side to her.

The Acoustic Front
Experimental project fusing the high energy music of drum and bass with the advanced improvisation found in jazz.

The Art of Opposition
New 5-piece rock band from Stevenage, with awesome songs and riffs.

The Bancroft Centre For Young People
Luscious2 are a synergised, energised team of urban street dancers representing Bancroft Youth Centre & Street Dance Production.

The Dealers
…are Pierre and Bessie. Just awarded "Best Unsigned Acoustic Act" by Playmusic magazine.

The Fat River Band
Promoting their debut album 'The Last Great Guitar Heist,' country with a boogie beat.

The Fish Brothers
Bizarrely combining Victorian music hall with punk rock, their performances are extremely funny and enjoyable to watch.

The Hitchin Band
Hitchin Band is a traditional brass band made up of amateur musicians of all ages.  The band plays a wide variety of music, often pleasantly surprising people who have a fixed view of what a brass band is and sounds like. 

A busy group of people, the Band can be seen at various events in and around Hitchin, Hertfordshire and many places beyond.  Although self-financing, the band undertakes a number of events each year in support of charitable organisations and has raised over£10,000 for charity in the past few years.

In 2005 Hitchin Band won a place at the Finals of the National Brass Band
Championships of Great Britain and was promoted to the second section (division).

Open your ears and eyes to the Hitchin Band – you will be pleasantly surprised!

The Home Wreckers Club
Fresh-faced and hailing from Hitchin. Four scruffy, skinny, indie kids playing catchy retro rock riffs and indie tunes locally and throughout London.

The Jet Kings
5/6-piece rock/blues/folk band, 15-17 years old influenced by the likes of the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

The Jive Aces
The Jive Aces are 6 lads from London drawn together by their love for a style and music that outclassed anything around. The music was hot jive that had the beat, energy and enthusiasm of rock ‘n’ roll and the fun and rhythm of big band swing all rolled into one.

Their musical journey takes in Elvis Presley to Bill Haley and Louis Prima to Frank Sinatra. From their very first concert in 1989 in Paris, the Jive Aces were a hit. Their wild, high-energy floorshow soon became their trademark, combining original tunes in true swing style with fresh arrangements of classic songs from the swing era.

From the Olympic Games Celebrations in Atlanta they haven’t stopped performing and touring, and play up to 300 gigs a year. Their infectious rhythm, screaming horns and slapping bass all add up to simply being one of the acts of ROTW 2006 to see.

‘The Jive Aces are the most high-energy, entertaining swing band around.’

Hilary Alexander, Director of Camp Hollywood

The Jive Aces are the most dynamic and talented band I have see in many years’

Toni Elizabeth Prima

The King Blues
Mixing ska, folk, hip-hop and doo-wop with acoustic instruments and bags of attitude. Regularly played on Radio 1 by Mike Davies and Zane Lowe.

The Model Horror

The Monsters
1976 seems a long time ago. Elvis was still alive, my parents about to divorce and I was still at school, obsessed with ‘Tubular Bells’. My first job was washing Mike Oldfield’s Ferrari. Then Punk came along with something much rawer and unkindly gobbed on ‘Progressive Rock’. Along with many other 16 year olds, I hid my Brutus flares and found some drain pipe trousers in Oxfam. A girl I liked in the Sixth Form said they made my legs an ‘interesting shape’. I formed a band with my Woolworth’s electric guitar and some self-styled ‘young anarchists’ from the Old Swan in Cheltenham: Chip Carpenter on drums, John Bennett on bass, and Mike Chandler on guitar. I was hopeless at the guitar, so I became the vocalist. The band was ‘The Monsters’. We never knowingly over-rehearsed.

30 years later, we are still together, still undiscovered and still playing the same three Rock n’ Roll chords. Ollie Moore joined on sax in 1985, when we started playing Lambeth pub gigs, where I was a curate. Janet van der Linden joined in on Hammond in 2001. We all have various other jobs now but being in a band with great friends has always been like being 16 again, without the heartache. If we sound rough, it is because we haven’t practiced much. The Punk attitude never dies!

Michael Roden, Vicar of St Mary’s

.The Mordekkers
One of the most innovative live bands in the UK, mixing traditional pipes and mandola with live drum and bass for an energetic, infectious groove.

The Origin
4-piece hard rock band with melodic vocals and dark guitar riffs, fusing traditional rock with pop, metal, punk and funk.

The Otters
Intense and dramatic psychedelic punk from Welwyn, featuring Mark Astronaut of eternal long haired losers The Astronauts, this time round accompanied by The Otters Guitarchestra

The Parade
Indie rock & roll band with a 60s vibe from North Herts, influences include The Beatles, The Small Faces, Oasis and The Libertines.

The Rocketeers
Energetic 3-piece band playing off-beat indie/hard rock with a strong blues twist.

The Rhythms Conversation
How can we live together well?
The Sikh community has been part of Hitchin’s for fifty years and the Christian community has been part of Hitchin for many centuries. Sikhs and Christians believe different things, worship in different places and dress differently, but nevertheless have learnt to thrive in each other’s company. What has gone well, what mistakes have been made and what are the lessons we need to learn to ensure a good future for our multi-cultural community?

The Rhythms’ Conversation, a new venture for this festival, will be chaired jointly by Kuldip Singh from Guru Nanak Gurdwara and Michael Roden from St Mary’s. The idea here is to hear reflections from Dr Indajit Singh (Editor of the Sikh Messenger) and Dr Michael Ipgrave (the former Interfaith Advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury) on the national interfaith picture and to hear thoughts from the local community on how things are working in Hitchin.

The Twilight Players
Slick, Sharp and Dynamic! The brother's perform in their own classic style, with a heavy dose of showmanship to a soundtrack of Jazz, Ska, Asian adn Electro Funk

The Waterfront
Like a mainstream refused with influences from emo, metal, hardcore, punk and soul. PARTY MUSIC FOR PUNK KIDS!

This Is Colour
Positive metal band, constantly trying to push their limits as musicians. Just beginning to find their own sound.

Thoughts Collide
Melodic riff based hardcore, technical yet structured, filled with catchy hooks, huge choruses and crushing rhythms.

Tigerstyle Records All Stars
The sound of drum and bass from the Tigerstyle Records supersoldiers!

Toque Tambor
Hitchin's very own scorching Brazilian percussion section. Prepare for downright dirty street rhythms, filthy dancing and nasty singing. Ask about joining: 07759943737

Trevor Hensley
Singer/songwriter playing and singing original acoustic material. A mixture of folk and folk-rock.


Umdumo Weiszwe
The newest cappella sensation to come out of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's cultural melting pot. Eight young men singing songs of love, hope, worship, courtship, hardship and African social commentary will mesmerise you with their harmonies and tip-toe dance routines. This is vocal music that is laced with music styles of Afro Pop, Jazz, R&B and Reggae

'Fresh, young, exuberant and ready to touch the world', Bulawayo Chronicle

Andy and Jordan have been performing acoustic gigs since February 2005. Debut EP "Sunny Estate" released August 7th.


Violet Martinez
Disco punk rock from Hertfordshire Loud music for pretty girls and boys to dance to.


Wadali Brothers
Born in Guru ki Wadali in Amritsar, the Brothers were the fifth generation of musicians given to singing the messages of the Sufi Saints, the most divine of the melodies that draws inspiration from the emotion of love and its power to transform the world. Practicing music for years, these unassuming brothers now excel in almost all genres from Sufi qalaam, qawwali and kaafi to bhajans, shabads abd ghazals. With a vast canvas of music, the brothers have grown from strength to strength, winning the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1991, the coveted Tulsi Award in 1998 and thre Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 2003.

Have been together for six years creating a sound of raw folk, country and alternative rock.

7-piece brass led Skacore band based in Hertfordshire, combining technical horn parts with impatient ska and heavy melodic punk, offering a stupidly energetic show.

While You Were Out
A 3 piece indie funk ska outfit with heavy and ambient influences.

10-piece pagan drum group that originated at Queer Pagan Camp, drumming trance adn African rhythms.

Word Movement
Local cru showcase material they have been working on for their album. Exclusive to R.O.T.W 06!!!


Yello Snow
Powerpop/Punk rock 4-piece form Peterbrough. Have been recommended by Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack.