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12 & 13 July 2008

Street Art has, over the past four or five years, become an integral element of each Rhythms festival. Who can forget the World's Largest Dreamcatcher covering Windmill Hill made by local schoolchildren from nothing more than netting and plastic bags? Or the street banners, totem poles, the colourful animals suspended over the river? And even one year, the Dancing Man suspended from a crane over Hitchin?

This year we aim to make the most of the new venue by displaying some of the art work from previous years added to by new projects.


As part of our commitment to make a more positive approach to litter management (at the Festival but also more generally in our everyday lives), another major art project is the 'Feed Me Litter' bin project

This novel idea is based on those bright seaside boards where you and your friends put their heads through a cut out of a hole and everyone takes a photo of you as a jolly sailor, a lady in a skimpy bikini, or a muscle man. Well, this project takes that idea but rather than putting your head through the hole, the bright structure sits in front of rubbish containers and you 'feed' your litter through the holes.

Five local schools are dreaming up wacky, fun designs for these wooden structures which will no doubt be a piece of art work in their own right AND help support litter management on the festival site.

Project Sponsors: Hitchin Youth Trust and Brookers

Primary Schools involved are:
Whitehill Junior
Highbury Infants
Purwell Primary
Wiltshire Dacre

A big thank you to Doug Brooker of Brookers for transporting the materials to the schools