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20 Dead Camels2005 Local Ska/reggae band who started in 1999, have played with ska giants Bad Manners, The Beat and The Selecter.  Get your dancing shoes on!   www.20deadcamels.co.uk
3 Daft Monkeys2004 Whether it's Celtic, Balkan, Gypsy, Spanish, Cornish or other World Music you are drawn to, you will hear its influences.  With backgrounds from Dance, Ska, Reggae and Traditional Folk it's quirky, groovy and fun — we dare you not to dance!   www.3daftmonkeys.co.uk
3 Degrees2004 Playing R 'n' B & Ragga.  Super Raggo Crew.

Aaron Clarke2003 2004 2005 Singer/songwriter delivering energetically on acoustic guitar and performing his own songs with a range of other music genres and covers.  Well known locally for his powerful gritty hard rock voice and performance, so expect to be taken on a roller coaster of music from Blues to Rock.  
Afro-funk Collective2003 Old students from St Christopher's School play Jazz with an Afro-funk tinge.
Agent M2003 2004 2005 Ambient Electronica from Agent M and special guest J from the Acid Shiffle Crew.
Al Marzochi2005 The deeper mysterious side of house music.  
Alahaima Flamenco2004 A vibrant company of five musicians and dancers.  Alahaima represent flamenco's multi-cultural roots and its enigmatic individuality, fusing elements from the Golden age with New Flamenco.
Alan Cowley2003 2004 Guitar-slinging troubadour from Welwyn with observational lyrics and powerful vocals delivered with venom.
Alternation DJ's2004 Punk, Indie, Dance & Stuff! From The Clash to the Stone Roses via The Chemical Brothers!
Andy BrownHip Hop styles and breaks from special guest Andy….all the way from Edinburgh.  
Andy Skelton2005 An accomplished and versatile guitarist/vocalist/songwriter who has worked with world-class artists including Dolly Parton and John Wetton (Asia).  As a solo performer he recently supported Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.  ("Four Troubadours")
Anita Gabrielle & Free Flow2003 The wistfulness of Judy Collins — the soaring musicality of Joni Mitchell — the haunting quality of Judee Sill.  Add legendary guitarist Dave King — Latin rhythm — strong vocals — and a desire to connect and share music.   www.anitagabrielle.com
Anna Neale2003 Lovely self-penned songs, a sweet voice and an elegant manner.
Apollo 0012005 Apollo 001- aka Andy- used to play in agitpop poetry band Kocaine with Chris Ripple.  Now he plays with electronics…  and guitars.
Ardent KicksA five-piece rock band based in North Herts with a reputation for high energy shows and original sound.  They are a must see!   www.ardentkicks.co.uk
Arun Ghosh2004   www.camoci.co.uk/arunghosh
Audio Justice2003 Accomplished funky indie rock band with very some memorable tunes.   www.audiojustice.net
Autofire2003 2005 Homegrown eclectic techno faves will be playing a set of original tracks along with the tunes that have influenced the band and their music over nearly 10 years.   www.zebox.com/autofire

Bad Habit DJ's2005 Bad Habit bringing their own blend of sexy filtered funk to ROTW 2005.   www.ilovebadhabit.co.uk
Bamboozle2004 Throwing, occasionally catching, you could call it Juggling: staves, devil styx and diablos, all done with Pois.  Pan da moany …  Erm ?
Barclay School Steel Pan Band2005 Barclay School Steel Pan Band has been running for 5 years, played in Belgium, Paris, Southern Ireland, Holland as well as the Gordon Craig Theatre.
Baron Sound Studios2005 ROTW soldiers playing the finest in Dub and Reggae.  
Barrelass2005 Take thy favoured fluffy toy, shave it, rip out its innards and replace with hatred, joy and the perverse.  The ass you gotta love.   www.barrelass.com
Bass Relief2005 Four years ago Mark asked Chris if he ever fancied performing poetry with a bass backing.  Experimental word jazz…  sort of.  
Bate Tambor Carnival2003
Beanie / Tigerstyle RecordsMatt Tigerstyle and friends playing 25th century Soul music.   www.tiger-style.co.uk
Beenie Don2003 2004 "Upper-class" reggae tunes.
Beg to Differ2003 Shouty, melodic skate punk rockers from Leicester.
Bemji2004 Dance hall and R&B.  Baron Studio Sound.
Ben Smith2005 Acoustic heaven — 'One of Britain's finest guitarists today' — Time Out.  
Beretta2003 Accomplished energetic full-frontal local rockers.
Bhangra Fever2005   www.envyroadshow.com
Bill Lennon2003 Solo guitarist who plays songs from around the world.
Bill Mac Namara2005 SAT — Reggae tunes.  SUN — Northern Soul the way it should be done, from the Sunrunner's own master.  
Black Eye2004 2005 A 5 member accessible metal band, with influences from all genres of metal, with impressive stage presence and an original approach.   www.myspace.com/blackeye
Blues Agents2004 A swing blues band who will take you from Texas to Laurel Canyon (via Ittabena Mississippi!).  Over 2,000 performances worldwide over 14 years.  "The only thing that will stop you dancing is your jaw as it hits the deck when guitarist Ben Smith baffles you with his fingertip wizardry."   www.bluesagents.com
Blunt Beats DJs2003 Freestyle to the end!!!!!!
Bob Green2005 Extended use of delay effects gives an ethereal edge to some fairly earthy songs.  A rare live outing.  Lovely !
Bone Idle2004 2005 BoNeIdLe punkers from London, if u like ur punk in ur face they are well worth a visit! Straight ahead good songs with excellent vocals.   www.boneidleuk.com
Bronson2005 Playing an eclectic mix of covers in a rather chilled way.  Look out for 80s pop or 70s glam among contemporary singer songwriter tunes!
Buddhabuddies2003 2005 Local electronica combo who really are different with their sense of fun and mischievousness that brings a smile to your face as you find yourself dancing.
Buddhist Monks2004 2005 Karaniya Metta Sutta — 2540 year old verses for all sentient beings will be chanted by Venerable Samitha, Sri Lankan Theravadan Buddhist monk resident in Letchworth.   www.letchworthbuddhism.com
Buffalo2005 A five piece band specializing in American bluegrass music.  Katrina Grant; fiddle.  Guy simpson; dobro.  Bob Smithson; guitar.  Dave Nottman; mandolin.  Nick Ross; bass.
Bushnot2003 Hip-hop rockers with shedloads of stage presence.  One of the most entertaining local outfits.

Carl Williams2005 Carl is a piano entertainer in every sense of the word, with incredible charisma and an unbelievable playing ability.  Stunning to watch and listen to.   
Cello Man2004 The 'Celloman' sound is a blend of Middle Eastern and African rhythms, Eastern and Western classically inspired melodies, hypnotic harmonies and driving funky Bass & Drums.  The five-piece Celloman band has been forging quite a reputation.  After their performance at WOMAD 2003, Listeners of Late Junction on Radio 3 called it their favourite WOMAD moment.  The band — Electric cello, Electric violin, percussion, bass and drums — is made of up of musicians who have literally been around the world performing classical, rock, new wave, pop and reggae.  Ivan Hussey AKA Celloman describes the project as 'his life so far'.  After working extensively as a cellist at the Guildhall School of Music, Ivan crossed over to other forms.  Having joined the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra he then toured in 1993 with Duran Duran on an eight-month world tour, followed by a tour with Gabrielle.  Shortly after, Ivan spent two years working as a cellist in Tel Aviv, absorbing the music of the Middle East.  He has worked regularly with a host of big names (Mick Jagger, Incognito, D'influence, Shola Ama, Da Lata, E17, Take That, David Lynden Hall, The Lighthouse Family) as well as arranging and scoring for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  Ivan and the Celloman band are a musical treat not to be missed!   www.celloman.co.uk
Chakardar the London2004 A group of the best young tabla players in the UK followed by an Indo-European rhythmic fusion.
Chordblind2004 2005 Cathy and James provide the solid rhythmic under-pinning for Lorenzo's ever imaginative guitar playing and Natasha's warm vocal.  Top tunes, hypnotic grooves.
Chris & Joy2004 Chris Ripple and Joy Chance are hosts for ROTW at the Willow Stage, along with other members of Parnassus.  Named after the mountain in Greece where the Gods went to muse, Parnassus Performance was started by the late Margaret "Betty" Pickersgill at Bowes Lyon House Stevenage in the 1980's as a poetry and performing arts group.  All members write and perform their own material but have been known to throw in an appropriate cover when suitable. 
Craig Maddox2004 Think a male version of Tori Amos and you have the essence of Craig.  A young singer/songwriter/pianist about to release his debut album.   www.craigmaddox.co.uk
Crop Circles2005 Live performance from Hitchin-based Hip Hop cru founded by Life Intensive and Danny Spice.   www.outerbound.co.uk
Cross Currents — Decibel2004 ROTW is partnering with the Arts Council, Cross Currents and Decibel programmes to highlight the best of cultural diversity work from across the East of England.  From the Cross Currents collaboration don't miss the Osagyefo Theatre company (Ghanaian dance theatre), Cultureshock performing urban dance and hip-hop theatre and Kadam Dance presenting Synergy — a performance of contemporary Indian dance with dancer Khali and clarinetist Arun Ghosh.  For further info on the Cross Currents and Decibel projects please visit www.artscouncil.org.uk or…   www.diversityprogramme-pace.org.uk/projects/decibel
Crucial The Rock Project2004 Ranging in age from 8-11, Stevenage junior rock school band 'Crucial' open proceedings with a couple of classic Rock numbers, ably assisted by some of the senior rock band players.  Let's see those air guitars! (Hertfordshire Music Service)
Cultura Londres2005 A masterclass in downtempo Latin Hop Hop.   www.culturalondres.com
Culture Shock2004 An exhilarating mix of Hip-Hop, breakdancing, popping, locking and jazz dance to a thumping Hip-Hop soundtrack.   www.cultureshock.info
Cunning Liz2004 A five-piece 70's classic rock explosion from North Herts, influenced by Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd.   www.cunningelizabeth.com

Da Ess Jay + Tee Jay + MC Judayer2003 Drum and Bass DJ session.
Dalvinder Singh2004 Dalvinder Singh is only 22, and began his influential career within the bhangra industry in the year 2000.  After the success of his first album 'The First Chapter', Dalvinder received a well-deserved award for 'The Best Newcomer' at the Asian Pop Awards, which was quickly followed by the release of his second album.  Dalvinder has spent a lot of time on the road touring the UK, including performing at the BBC Mega Mela, Zee Asia Live and the Carlton Mela 2002, and supporting Harbhajan Maan on his UK tour in 2000.  With a five-album deal from Moviewbox under his belt, Dalvinder has now formed a band that consists of great musicians.   www.dalvindersingh.com
Danny Cluso2004 2005 Your host for the Portmill Stage.
Danny Spice2004 2005 Hip-Hop and Funk set from Hitchin-based emcee/dj/producer/promoter.   www.outerbound.co.uk
Dark Cell2005 And lo, they rose again to vomit forth a cacophonous deluge upon those, who would stand and listen to the violation of such dulcet tones….  
David Colaiacomo2005 David Colaiacomo is an Italian singer/songwriter from Segni, near Rome.  David has managed to create his unique original melodies with an unmistakeable style.    www.davidcolaiacomo.it
Dead Kid Songs2005 An intense blend of hard hitting soundscapes, synths, guitars and anthemic vocals brings an original sound and a passionate live show to the stage.   www.deadkidsongs.co.uk
Dead Kids' Song — The Rock Project2004 From John Henry Newman they come.  Including members of the Shard they are an intelligent, thought-provoking new band.  (Hertfordshire Music Service)
Dele Sosimi2004 Dele Sosimi has a faultless pedigree.  Despite being born in Hackney, the young Sosimi was signed up to man the keyboards in the Egypt 80 band of Afrobeat icon Fela Kuti, before teaming up with Fela's son Femi to put together the latter's Positive Force outfit.  Dele was both the keyboardist and the musical director for nine years and toured all over the world.  While Nigerian music increasingly looks towards hip-hop for direction, Sosimi and his band keep things defiantly old school, relying on the indestructible Afrobeat values of funk, funk and more funk.  Moving to London in 1995, Dele set about forming a new group reflecting London's multicultural environment, giving a strong influence of jazz and shades of deep funk and Latin music, underpinned by the heavy grooves of Afrobeat's Yoruba rhythms.  The band has performed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, the South Bank Centre and the Soho Jazz Festival, and is a regular at both the Jazz Cafe and the Shrine night.  'Showcasing out of Africa sounds that are rootsy yet cutting edge, foot stomping, jazzy, progressive and damn funky' — Time Out magazine.  Sponsored by African and Carribbean Music Circuit Ltd.   www.delesosimi.com
Derrin Nauendorf2003 Amazing "new world" blues from Australia with guitarist Derrin and drummer David Dowling: great empathetic musicians.   www.derrinnauendorf.com
Desi Essence — Bhangra Dance2005 4 young dancers dancing to the sounds of punjab, with the dhol.   www.freewebs.com/punjabi-style-kuriya
Desi Essence — Bollywood Dance2005 3 dancers dancing to well known bollywood music with the bollywood moves.
Diana Levitas2003 2005 Diana Levitas, who has lived and taught in Hitchin for twenty-eight years plays unaccompanied violin music from the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.
DJ Clench etc.2004 DJ Clench & DJ T.N.T.  & MC Sturge & MC Champion & MC Sturge & Trigger Beats Live Act Showcase of MC Champion and MC Riddler
DJ Easy2003 Revival reggae.
DJ Harry Roberts2005 Hailing from a little known queer-anarchic realm, DJ Harry Roberts spins his retro-disco-queercore.  Don't miss this chance to prance and dance.   www.queeruption.org
DJ Hughes2003 2005 Blunted Dub sounds mixed up by DJ Hughes.
DJ Inbeat2003 Turntablist playing the best in break beat and hip-hop.
DJ LT2004 Trancecore.
DJ Mystro2004 Playing Garage and R 'n' B.  Super Raggo Crew.
DJ OB2004
DJ Prolifik2005 Hip Hop styles and breaks from special guest Andy….all the way from Edinburgh.
DJ Shawn-E2004 Playing old skool.  Super Raggo Crew.
DJ Tease2005 DJ Tease with an exclusive Sunday funk set.   www.bluntbeats.com
Don Court2005 Don's music is about moving from darkness to light.  A battle with alcoholism and addiction that he is winning, one day at a time.  
Dot Hardcore2003 Pumping techno tunes that really get under your skin and dance your body.
Dot Hardcore & Bamboozle2004 Progressive psychedelic trance with an acid twist and hard techno influences.   www.dothardcore.da.ru
Doug2003 2004 2005 SAT — Worldwide sounds from Blunt Beats resident Doug.  SUN — Block party hip hop jams from Doug, in a Blunt Beats style.  
Doug + DJ Hughes2003 Classic electronic breaks and beats.
Dr. Oo & The Despotics2005 Dr Oo and the Despotics set out to rework rock and roll in an exciting and jazzy direction using classic and original material.
Dr. Rock2005 Andy voice, Andy bass, Andy drums, guitarists David and Gary and drummer Lloyd set up some mighty grooves.  The Dr.  will see you now.

Eddie's Brother2005 Captivating, original, emotive.  Smoother than the bottom of the iron in Monopoly.  Warmly recommended, melodic, acoustic vocal/guitar music from 21st century England.  
Emily Zisman2005 Emily is Short.  Not short in the "short tempered" sense, but more in the "vertically challenged" sense.  She is also flexible (in the bendy sense) and tends to stick her foot in her mouth.  She has been singing since before she can remember (which doesn't really make sense but sounds pretty) and playing guitar since she was 10.  This is her first time playing in a festival and probably to a crowd this size.  But don't tell her, she may freak out.
Epoc2004 2005 Live drum n bass trio.  They represent a new breed of musical performance, harnessing the raw elements of the genre and delivering them live.   www.epoclive.co.uk
Erbalist2004 2005 SAT — Rocksteady and roots reggae from the veteran Blunt Beats resident.  SUN — Funk session with the Erbalist.   www.bluntbeats.com
Escape 19422005 Escape 1942 are a Stevenage-based 5 piece.  They play a passionate form of indie rock that is at once epic, angular and melodic.   www.falltothesky.co.uk

Fabrizia2004 2005 Indian Classical Temple Dance 'Bharatanatyam' performed by Fabrizia and Hitchin Minority Forum students, accompanied by Bansuri flute, Tabla and violin.  
Faded Façade2005 A fresh, original sound influenced by ska and punk fronted by the superb Liz.  Claire and Gareth provide the grooves, with James on guitar.
Flak2004 Hip-Hop/Electro/Rock hybrid with a distinctly English flavour.  Debut single (Tune In) reached no.11 on US alternative chart.  Enjoying huge film/TV soundtrack exposure and worked with The Dust Brothers and Ozomatli among others.
Fledge2005 Fledge fly in the face of conventional formula or more properly, they're a fly in the ointment of the unoriginal.  They hail from the foreshore.    www.fledge.org.uk
Floodline2005   www.floodlineonline.co.uk
Flying Beartonies2004 Jugglers, Unicyclists and Magicians based in Hitchin.  On the High Street Stage on Saturday and ad hoc appearances throughout the weekend.
Fragile2005 Acoustic offshoot of rock school legends Intuition, featuring Fran Meaby's exquisite vocals with the melodic guitars of Jenny Hina and Adam Richardson.   www.intuition.i8.com
Fran Meaby & Matt Whelan2004 A promising and original acoustic duo.  (Hertfordshire Music Service)
Fred & Al2004 A duo from Merseyside living in Hertfordshire, and playing acoustic nonsense, with song subjects ranging from sprouts to clubbing for mums.  "We appeal to most ages and aren't that offensive."   www.fredandal.co.uk
Free Fall2004 A 'working performance' created on the spot in an experiential attempt to fuse emotions with the surrounding environment.
Freudstein2003 From the darker side of dance and electronica music, trippy beats and patterns.
Frog Stupid2004 2005 …have gained many a fan locally with their melodic, horn-fuelled punk rock, cheeky ska and emotive breakdowns coupled with an energetic live show.   www.frogstupid.co.uk
From Celtic Roots to Oceanic Soul2003 This amazing show brings together from both sides of the globe, the stunning Maori trio Manuhiri and the glorious Celtic singer-songwriter Lorraine Jordan accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Gill Hunter.   www.planetwoman.net
Fruition2004 2005 5 piece alternative groove rock band with captivating songs and melodies that will get you jumping and leave you swinging from the light fittings.   www.fruitionhq.co.uk
Fuzzy Lumpkins2004 2005 Funky folk-grunge with a sixties feel and uplifiting vibe.   www.fuzzylumpkins.co.uk

Gekko2003 Local funk rockers, absolutely amazing — something to really wake you up and start you dancing.
Gor Jus Wrex2003 2004 Top local traditional Irish Ceili Band — recorded by EMI.  Vibrant tunes and original songs from this lively five piece — guaranteed to get you jigging and reeling. 

Half-moon Drum Circle2003 2004 An eclectic blend of world rhythms featuring djembe, djun-djun, talking drums and didges.  Exciting stuff not to be missed.
Harpreet Jandu P-Stylez-K-& Sharan Kang2004 A modern-style dance with the latest bhangra moves to well-known bhangra music.   www.freewebs.com/punjabi-style-kuriya
Hazel Turnock2005 If scientists spliced the genes of Iggy Pop, Nina Simone, Tom Waits and Dolly Parton to make a super being — it probably wouldn't sound or look anything like Hazel!   www.freewebs.com/hazelturnock
Hertfordshire Music Service2003 2005 The Rock Project — Initiative set up by the Hertfordshire Music Service to promote opportunities for young people to learn and perform rock music.
Hertfordshire Young Songwriter 2004 Finalists2004 Winners, runners-up and commended entrants perform their songs and receive prizes from Hertfordshire Music Service's James Dickinson and Jon Bliss from sponsors Make Music.  Pupils from 6 to 18 years offer imaginative and original songs in a variety of styles.  Get writing for the 2005 competition! (Hertfordshire Music Service)
Herts Youth Jazz Ensemble2003 Big band jazz from the pick of all the talented young musicians in Hertfordshire.
Hippy Dave2003 Summertime reggae, dub and dance hall tunes.
Hitchin Allstar Choir2003 2004 2005 A capella choir with a fresh and inspirational mix of songs including jazz, soul, pop, African and Irish.  Arrive early to get a good seat.
Hitchin Youth Quartet2003 Students from North Herts Music School play the first movement of "Death and the Maiden" by Schumann.
Humdrum2003 Tons of drums and loads of amazing musical patterns.  A truly unique experience.
Hurricane Isabel2005 Female Acoustic Duo.  Kat sings.  Isabel plays.  Sometimes, Isabel sings too.  Kat doesn't play.  They play pretty songs.  They hope you like them.  

Igneous2003 Hard rock band from Luton and Stevenage.
Improvisation Session2003 A special event for Rhythms as Soname, Lol Coxhill and Sukhi Rayat's Tabla Rhythms join forces in an improvisation session.
Indiana2005 Watford-based Indiana have an epic, melodious sound combining quiet/loud dynamics, soaring vocals and a three-guitar line-up firing off intertwined melodies.   www.indiana.org.uk
Infernotorium2005 Infernotorium are the pioneers of the "post-ironic nano-music" movement, combining the obligatory heaviness with the necessary edginess that other bands can't touch.   www.infernotorium.co.uk
Inky2005 Selected ambient workings to start the day.
Insomnia2003 Local heros with strong following.  Tripped-out thoughtful prog rock — epic and beautiful.   www.the-insomnia.co.uk
Intuition2005 Driving riffs from Andy, Jenny and Adam, powerful song writing and vocals from Steph and Fran.  Chris and James lay down mean bass and drums.

J2005 Ambient Electronica from Agent M and special guest J from the Acid Skiffle Crew.  
Jagged Lime2005   www.jaggedlime.com
Jambience2004 Jambience are a band who combine mainstream Western musical instruments with instruments such as didgeridoos, tablas, djembes and darabukas to fuse indigenous musical styles with contemporary Western music.  Coming from diverse musical roots and nationalities the band create music that combines folk traditions such as flamenco, jazz and blues with modern, dance-based genres.  Predominamtly instrumental, Jambience's music brings an appreciation and respect for the traditions of cultural origins of other music to "help build bridges which will close the gaps that separate cultures".  As The Insight wrote, "Needs to be heard by anyone with an ear for original and interesting music".   www.jambience.com
James Holland2003 2004 Young Hertfordshire-based singer songwriter.  A fusion of guitar, piano and thoughtful lyrics for a gritty folk pop sound.  Accompanied by John Tobin. 
James Pearson2005 Professional Jazz pianist who has played in a duo with Jackie Dankworth, performs at Ronnie Scott's and tours the world.  Heard on Classic FM.  
Jan Smith2005 Jan is a native of Louisville, Kentucky who plays a mix of country, folk and bluegrass performing with her partner Jeff Vogelgesang.   www.honeybirdsmusic.com
Jas Money2003 2004 Hip-hop DJ who played a blinding set at Club 85.
Jayne Mason2005 Has studied music, directed music and performed music in various guises all her life.  She hopes you enjoy her music.
Jean McClean2003 Great solo reggae singer songwriter.   www.reggaebaby.com
Jo Chojin & host LI the MC2004 DJ set to warm your ears to the hip-hop before the acts jump on stage.  Jo will be joined by LI the MC to fill the gaps between the other acts.
Joan Ov Arc2005 All female Rock trio formed by the Walker sisters with Debbie Wildish on drums.  An electrifying energy driven melodic sound with influences from Jimi Hendrix.   www.joanovarc.com
Joerayg2005 How Joerayg manages to gig as a solo, duo, trio, band member and run his own club is beyond comprehension.  Today he'll be solo…  maybe.
Josef Porta2003 The leader of Blythe Power swaps his drum sticks for a guitar.  Very clever thought-provoking lyrics.

Kadam Dance2004 Kadam is a lively and thriving dance development agency based in Bedford, the eastern region of the UK.  The company promotes and develops South Asian dance and related art forms by providing intensive dance training and workshops, creating resources and promoting performances regionally, nationally and internationally.  A spell-binding display of contemporary Indian dance and music.  CrossCurrents/DECIBEL.   www.kadam.org.uk
Kalibus & Tyrant2005 Exploring the deeper side of the tribal drum.   www.tiger-style.co.uk
Kandida2005 Singer/songwriter of infectious melodic original pop/rock.  If you want to hear killer 'Hooks' look no further — just watch and listen.   www.kandida.org
Karen Gafurdjano2003 An amazing balladeer from Uzbekistan with a full band featuring traditional instruments.  Complete with dancers in traditional Uzbek dress.   www.karen.uz
Karma Deva2003 Bath-based and female-fronted indie roots band.
Katie Brayben Band2004 2005 Influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Ani DiFranco, now performing with a great band.  Make way for an original soulful sound, with thoughtful, sincere lyrics.   www.katiebrayben.tk
Katie Buckhaven2004 Katie Buckhaven's unique voice combines the warmth of Norah Jones, the fragility of Beth Gibbon and the heart-breaking passion of Eva Cassidy.   www.katiebuckhaven.com
Kelly Lee2003 Great country and western singer: runner up in the Knebworth Balloon Fair talent competition.
Kimberley Devonshire2004 Big voice, great songs at the keyboard from Royston's finest.

Leavse Springs2004 Hello and welcome 2 the Leaves Spring experience.  We aim 4 u 2 listen, experience and share simplicity of recorded live instruments fused with break beats and modern jazz mixed with unique environmental sounds from across the world.
Left Engine2004 Formed in January 2004, a four piece band that play edgy guitar music.  Their first gig was at Club 85 and was well received by a big audience.
Letchworth Majorettes2004 2005 Voluntary group aiming to teach children from 5 upwards baton twirling, pom poms and mace work for displays in the summer season.
Lewis-R2004 Playing freestyle.  Super Raggo Crew.
Lime2003 From the Luton area, this bunch of pro-musicians get together to write and play the music they love.  Latin Jazz meets R'n'B with a gorgeous female voice.
Lindy Hop2005 Swing jive dancers from classes at Steeple Morden Village Hall nr Royston.  Tuesdays with Paul & Debbie Jackson.   www.getintheswing.com
Lionheart2004 2005 Lionheart are a 6 piece band formed in July 2003.  All are experienced musicians from different musical backgrounds, having individually played in such bands as Shiloh, Promise Land, Expression and the Dave Ellis Blues Band.  Between them the band members bring writing, production and technical skills as well as musical influences ranging across reggae, soul, calypso, blues, jazz, funk and classical influences al brought together into a musical fusion that get's your feet tapping and your heart pounding. 

Lionheart have played both ROTW and the Luton Carnival in the past couple of years and are guaranteed to get you smiling. 
Lol Coxhill2003 The Jazz saxophone legend performs a free-form meditation using the acoustic of this beautiful church.
Los Chicos Muertos2003 2005 Mixing up alternative country, Mexicana, industrial loops and contemporary chanson.  Born from the ashes of alt-acoustic pioneers The Young TrashLovers.   www.9pm-records.de/en/burn_2b.htm  
Lost Luggage2005 London performance poets take an original, humorous look at travel and departure lounges.  With Anjan Saha and guests.  Brought to you by five a.m.  productions.   www.anjansaha.com
Lou Hart2003 Accordion player who specialises in Russian café music: fascinating.
Luscious2005 Representing Bancroft Youth Centre Hitchin.  A group of highly motivational young people, ready to take their bootleg vibe to another level of street dance.

M.O.B. House DJs2003 Playing a mix of bhangra, old-school soul, hip-hop and reggae.
Mab2005 Four beautiful Sardinian girls play up their own style that combines heavy rock, goth metal and opera.  These girls can really play and they rawk.   www.mabofficial.com
Madadam2005 "We come out of the smoky hall on to the stage, take off our uniforms and play all day…" Jazz lives !  
Malika's Kitchen2004 A writing community run by Malika Booker, Roger Robinson and Jacob Sam-La Rose.  The group is committed to the craft of writing as well as the passion and skill of performance.  (CrossCurrents/DECIBEL)
Manboob2004 Local alternative rock band who blend catchy, sing-along choruses with hard-edged riffs and thought-provoking time swings.  Think the Lemonheads, Thin Lizzy and a bizarre sense of humour.   www.manboob.co.uk
Mandeep Lalli And Band2005 After the success of Rangla Punjab, Mandeep has been busy recording and writing new material.  He is back at Rhythms to showcase his new band.
Marcus G Hurley2003 2004 2005 Funk and Soul grooves fron Marcus G Hurley for Blunt Beats.   www.bluntbeats.com
Mark Astronauts & Rico2004 Two blokes from the Astronauts attempting to be the new Simon & Garfunkel or at least nearly as good as Zager & Evans.   www.astronauts.org.uk
Mark Attic2003 Saturday: Blue note jazz style beats coupled with funk & soul.  Sunday: An eclectic mix of sounds from Frank Sinatra to Pink Floyd.
Mark Attic + Agent M2003 Heavyweight reggae sound clash.
Marsada2004 The Batak are people indigenous to Indonesia with a strong musical talent.  Marsada are a group of young musicians from Sumatra who, for the first time, are bringing Batak music to the world stage.  Their music brings together traditional and modern influences, combining infectious rhythms with close harmony vocals.  Taking inspiration from their native home of Samosir Island in Lake Toba, Marsada have developed their own arrangements for local ceremonial and Batak folksongs, using traditional instruments mixed with acoustic guitars.  Over the past few years the group have built up a strong reputation in Indonesia, and they are now undertaking their first tour of the UK.  This therefore is the first chance (well, second to Streatham actually) to hear, first-hand, some very powerful music from a band who create an infectious, high-energy but also deeply soulful sound.  Marsada's appeareance at the Festival has been made possible by support from the Arts Council, Visiting Arts and AMC.  Masada released the album 'Pulo Samsir' in June 04.  (The Arts Council & Visiting Arts)   www.marsada.com
Martha2003 Psychedelic rockers doing their own thing.  Epic guitar and song approach with a full psychedelic sound.   www.naturescenerecords.com
Mashtun Grace2004 Hertford's own rock heavyweights, a seamless stream of testosterone and rock churned out like a big dirty unstoppable machine! A force to be reckoned with.   www.mashtungrace.com
Mask2005 MASK is a collaborative project featuring cult icon/singer Sonja Kristina and acclaimed ambient cellist/violinist/producer Marvin Ayres.  MASK mixes extemporisation with structured songs and beats, recording and performing experimental voice and strings soundscapes, fusing elements of Ambient/Electronica, Trance and Classical music to breathtaking and original effect.

Many of you will know Sonja Kristina as the lead singer for the cult classical rock group Curved Air.  Marvin is a prominent figure on the ambient electronic scene, is a founder member of the cult band The Government, and has played/contributed with many artists of the late 80s/90s — notably Culture Club, Simply Red, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Prefab Sprout.  Marvin co-produced Sonja Kristina's ambient jazz album 'Cri De Coeur' and he and Sonja continue to collaborate and record together.

"This is groundbreaking and beautiful."  "An awesome piece of music."   www.mask.uk.net

Massed Choirs & Percussion2004 The Church Choirs will be performing together a piece called ESETAYE, which means "the first trading of the Earth", a celebration of the story of creation.  The piece was written to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dubai College by Robin & Wendy Henderson, and is based on African music and rhythms.
Maya2005 Original acoustic world folk music and songs from the heart with a haunting female vocal, two acoustic guitars and tasteful percussion.  Supporting debut album, "Revelations".   www.mayarevelations.com
Mazarika2005 Five piece band, flavours of eastern European, Irish folk and jazz.  Performed in an original and contemporary way. 
MC Li & Danny Spice2003 Live performance from Conscious UK rapper and The Messenger.
Members of Saaz2005 A blend of Indian classical/punjabi and western music based on raag and rhythm.  Sponsored by the Sikh Education Council   www.thesikhway.com
Members of the Raj Academy2005 Traditional Punjabi and South East Asian classical music and songs played on taus, taanpura, sarangi and tabla.  Sponsored by the Sikh Education Council   www.rajacademy.com
Men of Unitus2005 Men of Unitus wasted their lives screwed up on cheap puppies, kittens, babies and ice cream.  Wasted? No, they just love the sound of fresh blubbing.   www.menofunitus.co.uk
Mganga2003 2004 2005 Jazz/Funk band fuelled with energy and featuring the talents of the trumpet player from Motimba.  The next generation lay down soul, Afro-Latin and jazz funk classics.
Michael Berk2003 2004 Heavy-metal guitarist-turned acoustic instrumentalist, Michael Berk fuses flamenco rhythms, jazz harmony, blues and bluegrass influences into his own style.  Guitar finger-picking virtuosity at its best.  One of the most stunning guitar players you'll see.
Mighty One Love Sound2004 From London, playing the best in revival and culture.
Minika2003 R'n'B meets jazz with this wonderfully talented and elegant woman.
Ministry of Bhangra2004 2005 The Ministry of Bhangra with a tour de force of their own imitable style.
Mis Led Youth2003 Intense, emotional grunge core local young band with tons of promise.
Mix Master J2003 Playing the best in R'n'B, hip-hop and dancehall.
Moe Foe2004 A four-piece dance band who gig regularly on the London circuit.  Currently featured on Radio 1's Unsigned website.  Be sure to check them out!   www.moefoe.co.uk
Monkey T2003 2004 2005 New and classic alternative tunes from Blunt Beats first layd, Monkey T   www.bluntbeats.com
Motimba2003 13-piece Cuban jazz funk band to change your life, featuring a full brass section.  Wonderful vocals and dancers.  Plus a piano player who defies time with his subtle Cuban jazz technique.
Mouffetard Musette2004 Accordionist Christian Bassoul and singer/dancer Mylene Launays, from the Latin quarter of Paris, regularly play the Trenet and Piaf classics and party in the Mouffetard market.  Sponsored by Kings Solicitors.
Mr Love & Justice2004 Acoustic guitar-driven music, a very English mix of folk and pop, heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies.  New album, Homeground.   www.vanityrecords.co.uk
Mr Maker & Life Intensive2005 Local Dj bringing the top hiphop joints from the 90's to 2005   www.mistermaker.com
Mr Oyediji2005 Samuel Oyediji is an innovative artist who succeeds in combining the modern and ancient.  His music is steeped in African root music, culture and history, but is influenced throughout by internationalism and technology. 

Using a hand drum and his voice, Oyediji layers his sound with a sampler, creating sounds that build from simple layering to complex juxtaposition of recorded elements over which he sings and drums — filtering "world music" through modern electronics.  Incorporating elements from Nigeria, Latin America and ancient African languages he creates a genuinely international sound with a timeless feel to it. 

The skill and precision of Oyediji's layering, his wonderful rhythms and melodies and his amalgamation of ancient and modern create a wonderful and unique experience — world folk enhanced by technology.   www.oyediji.com
Mr Please2005 A groovin' rhythm section, fiery horn section and soaring vocals.  You won't be able to resist the urge to dance.
Mundo Pequeno2004 2005 Salsa, samba, jazz, world & latino.  Fun, bright sunny music from Mauritius, Brazil, Cuba, Italy.  Horns, percussion, Mauritian and Sri Lankan dancers…   www.mundopequeno.fsworld.co.uk
Munroe's Revenge2005 Traditional American Bluegrass Band led by Dave Plane on Guitar and Vocals — who has been big on the scene since the 60s.  The lineup is completed by Banjo, Double Bass, Fiddle and Mandolin.
My Pet Junkie2003 2004 2005 Booked for keeping the rain away for so many years, MPJ play the most hummable of tunes and disguise them with incredible invention and innovation.   www.mypetjunkie.com

Nadeem2003 2004 Local singer songwriter plus band.  Must not be missed: a true talent with a golden voice.  With his new line-up of musicians and material, Nadeem is just pure Hurricane.  Dynamic, rhythmic, sensitive and addictive his music just makes you want to party! Sponsored by OCC Records.   www.occasion.org.uk/recordings_nadeem.html
Naked Angel2004 An unusual band with a sound that defies categorisation.  They play the music of Kat, who sings and plays keyboards.  Wil is on djembes and kit, Brian on six-string fretless bass and Jim on guitars and mandolin.  They record and release their own albums — three so far and one on the way — and are self-managed.  They are a great live act; gigs include the Royal National Theatre Foyer, Jazz Café Camden, Jazz Café Berlin, Gaunts House Summer Gathering, Earth Spirit, Big Green Gathering and Glastonbury.   www.nakedangel.co.uk
New Country, New Voices2004 A rap/dance developed from the reminiscences of Hitchin residents who have moved to Britain.  Performed by year 5 pupils from St Andrews.  (BBC ROOTS/Rock Project)
Newcom Sound2004 Reggae.
Nik Turner's Galakticos2005 Nik Turner, a founder member of Hawkwind and his (flexible) band play (according to Nik) 'hot funk, for all youse hipsters, flipsters and finger- poppin daddies, and cool latino licks for the ladies, music with a sense of class, like a guy that knows how to treat a dame gotta have, and make ya wanna dance, go wild, rico mambo, get funked up'.
So, there you have it — saxes, flutes, soul band to circus orchestra, space funk to 60s Ska, inner city unit to busking cool groovy music on the streets of Cardiff and Mexico city — all from Nik's Galaktikos.  We think the band will have 6 members, (including Nik, Gordy and Meurig) but Nik may well bring along others and if the press release is anything to go by this should be an act simply not to be missed.  The press release notes "weird, eccentric, enigmatic, esoteric, mumbo jumbo, cool, groovy, latin jazz" .   www.nikturner.com
No Rush2003 Semi-acoustic original music from this Luton-based group led by Nicola and her cello.   www.norush.co.uk
No.1 Station2003 Big-sounding heavyweight roots reggae featuring ex-members of local heros The Promised Land and a great brass section.
Nookie & MC System2005 A masterclass in how Drum 'n' Bass should be played — tight and funky!   www.strictly-digital.com
Not!2004 From Teplice, Czechia.  Starting in 1996 as punk and hardcore, through time their style became harder.  Now it's brutal hardcore with the elements of grindcore and metal full of energy.   www.rackety.net

Ollie Moore2005 Solo saxophone meditation — I've always loved the freedom and spontaneity of free improvisation.  I also love melody and rhythm.  Much of this music came from the church.
One Step Beyond Cheerleaders2005 Affiliated to the British Cheerleading Association.  Community based training run by the MBA Association for ages 5 — 19.  Call Tina 07870 268630 for classes information.
Operadagio2004 In recent times, opera has moved beyond its traditional boundaries and entered all our lives through television, radio and cinema.  Opera has always evoked a strong response from audiences and listeners and this is probably because every human emotion can be found in the works of the great opera composers.  Given that the world's greatest composers have, over the centuries, composed many operas, it is not surprising that it was hard to choose what to perform at ROTW 2004.  In the end we decided that we would just like to recall some of the famous and well-loved traditional opera arias in the beautiful church of St.  Mary's.  Operadagio is a new opera company.  All the soloists have recently completed English National Opera's performance skills programme.  This programme, run by ENO Bayliss education team, brings together a range of talented singers, tutors and coaches supporting ENO's aim to offer the best of opera to the widest possible audiences.  Operadagio's soloists have one thing in common — a passion for singing — and although opera is their background they also love musical theatre and contemporary music.  This means they are able to offer everything: a soloist at a wedding, corporate entertainment or even a fully-staged mini-opera for that very special occasion! Operadagio work in association with Occasion Recordings & Publications Ltd, a Hitchin-based company.  Details for booking Operadagio are available on their web site:   www.Operadagio.com
Ormost Ordinary2004 2005 A technical four-piece Power-Pop-Punk-Rock band from Hertfordshire.  "Better then Sex": Joe Henley (Borderline).   www.ormostordinary.com
Osagayefo Dance Ensemble2003 2004 An African arts-in-education company based in Luton focusing mainly on West African Music, Art, Drama, Story telling and Dance in Schools, Colleges, (including Special Needs) and youth centres.  A registered charity formed of professional and experienced artists and teachers who took the festival by storm in 2003 with a riot of colour, rhythm and dance.  CrossCurrents/DECIBEL.
Overdrawn2003 Local rock outfit earning themselves a good name with plenty of tunes to back it up.

Pale Marble Movie2003 Boy-girl duo with gorgeous voices, good songs and enigmatic stage presence.
Parisian Swing2005 Parisian Swing play in the style of the famous hot club of France.  Lineup consists of two guitars, a violin and a bass.
Parnassus Performance2005 Joy Chance, Chris Ripple and the wordslingers of Stevenage's own premier performance poetry group host the arcadeclectic stage…  where nothing is impossible!
Pathology2005 Local party rock phenomenon with a selection of catchy tunes that you'll be singing for weeks.  They rock out every time.  Every single time.   www.pathology.cjb.net
Paul Scourfield2005 Squeezebox maestro Paul Scourfield will get you jigging and grooving with traditional tunes and songs from England, Ireland and beyond.   www.mad-river.co.uk
Paul Watson2004 2005 Singer/songwriter who has toured the UK and USA extensively — first solo album is due for release in October.  Plays guitar and piano-based songs.   www.c-fieldstudios.co.uk
PDM2003 They've been at the forefront of British bhangra for 15 years.   www.pdmband.co.uk
Performance II2004 African Carribbean Dance Theatre performing 'Trilogy-Legend of the Orisas'.  Hip-Hop Ragga, traditional dance and music.  (CrossCurrents/DECIBEL)   www.performance2.co.uk
Pete Barrett2005 'acoustic blues folk rock n' roll'  
Pete Johnson Band2004 A scratch 'n' sax outfit.  Jazz piano from 1900's brought up to date with Ollie Glaze, guitar, Pete & Sam Johnson, bass & sax, Stewart Redman, drums.  Jazz Funk.
Pete McAllen2005 Singer songwriter from North Hertfordshire, began life as an acoustic soloist in May 2004.  Pure vocals over energetic guitar playing.  
Peter Amoah2004 Local acoustic guitarist with a very original style of delivery.  Giving loving treatment to some great songs, think Lenny Kravitz meets Bob Marley.
Phat Controller2005 After leaving "Dot Hardcore" Aidan has concentrated on writing full on psychedelic trance, fusing funky rolling basslines, dark chunky riffs and wizzy psychedelic noises.   www.phat-controller.da.ru
Philip Storey2004 Emotional acoustic rock from ex SOLVENT 27 front-man.   www.smashmusic.co.uk
Piefinger2005 A quirky mix of upbeat, modern folk tunes with a twist of melancholia, sweet acoustic melodies and sweeping harmonies, with violin and electric bass.    www.piefinger.co.uk
Pierre2003 A great performer with good songs very reminiscent of J.J.Cale at times and country-influenced rock at others. 
Prayers For Peace2005 Everyone is invited to join a silent prayer for peace.
Project Adorno2005 Electronic beat poetry duo.  lo-fi, hi-tech odes to daleks, libraries and London underground.  Kraftwerk meets the Krankies at a Leonard Cohen gig…
Psychoyogi2004 Extraordinary time changes, tonal explorations, dazzling arrangements with lyrics addressing contemporary issues.  A breadth of musical vision.  Influences include Zappa and King Crimson.   www.psychoyogi.com

Rachel Lee2003 Show tune and ballads from Rachel who took third place at the Knebworth Balloon Festival talent competition.
Rachel Pantechnicon2005 Cat fixated children's author and amateur historian.  The best dressed woman on the spoken word circuit.  Glastonbury festival poetry slam champion 2004.
Rangala Punjab2003 2004 Hitchin's own Bhangra band really do get the crowd dancing: the perfect finish for the Market Place Stage for the 2003 festival.  Set up for a one-off ROTW 2003 gig, Rangla Punjab have now performed alongside some very famous artists from India and the UK and are recording their debut album.  Bhangra music is a mix of modern Western and Punjabi folk music.  Punjab is a state in the north of India well known for its rich lands and colourful (Rangla) beauty, hence the reason we call ourselves RANGLA PUNJAB.
Rangoon2003 Implausibly accessible songwriting, CSNY meets Talking Heads, very Sunday afternoon in the sunshine.
Raqs Sharqi2003 2004 Hitchin's own Egyptian Dance troupe demonstrate the ancient art of Raqs Sharqi dance, which eventually developed into modern-day belly dancing.  You cannot fail to enjoy the dynamism, colour and emotion expressed by Raqs Sharqi.  The Egyptian rhythms are highly infectious and are guaranteed to move you emotionally and physically.
Ratpigeon2005 Ratpigeon are an original musical blend of extreme pop, obscene punk rock, loungecore and 80s rock who write songs on subjects other bands dare not.   www.geocities.com/ratpigeon2003
Ravin (Raz) Jayasuriya and JP Coutney2004 Local percussionists Raz and JP will perform elements of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian rhythms on Congas, Bata drums, Cajones (boxes) plus a range of other effects and instruments.   www.ovm.co.uk
Redmaxx2003 2005 An intense yet tuneful indie / punk racket is on offer from these ROTW regulars.  Quirky, noisy and great fun   www.redmaxx.net
Reggae Baby2004 Creative singer/songwriter musicians singing songs from their current album 'I'm a Reggaebaby'.  Inspiring vocals and harmonies influenced by singers like Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt.  BBC ROOTS.   www.reggaebaby.com
Restricted Hours2003 Crazy intense psychedelic rock with Marc Astronaut of The Astronauts fame.
Rev. Michael Roden & Rev. Charmaine Sabey2004 2005 Your hosts for the festival in St Mary's Church
Rhythms of the City2005 Rhythms of the City is the samba bateria (street percussion band) of the F-ire Collective and of City University music department — a percussion band made up of professionals and students with a real sense of fun.  Thumping out Rio-Style samba with a twist of West-Africa, Cuba, Funk and Samba Reggae.

Rhythms of the City performs with anything from, 5-55 players — singers, dancers, brass section, guitars and, of course drums, and a myriad of percussion instruments.

The bateria are drawn mostly from London music colleges and university music departments (RAM, RCM, Trinity, Guildhall, City, Middlesex), the band is the outdoor expression of today's multicultural London life.

Rhythms of the City has performed all over — Notting Hill Carnival, WOMAD, Respect, Coin Street, Rhythmsticks, Thames and Islington festivals, Cargo, Carnaval del Pueblo, Pride, Shepherd's Bush Empire and the Royal Academy of Music.    www.f-ire.com
Richy Pitch & Tukka2005 Local lad Rich is probably one of the biggest Hip Hop producer/DJ's in the UK.   www.richypitch.com
Rob Lights2005 STS…Free Party…Free People…Free Future
Robb Johnson2003 Very entertaining yet poignant troubadour.
Robert Maseko and Congo Beat2005 Robert Maseko is part of the new wave of Afro world master music creators, researching, re-interpreting, insipiring and enriching the African hip-swinging music at its deepest roots.  With his band the Congo Beat he is going back to the Afro — Rumba roots that so entranced the entire continent and the world by adding touches of reggae flamenco, zouk, salsa and cubano twisting it to a new Afro pop rumba soukous style.  Maseko claims that in this all, the common denominator ingredient is originally in the heart of Africa "The Congo Beat" …

"Its time to let everything go and dance to the CongoBeat"

"The wonderful lilting rhythm of Robert Maseko and The CongoBeat had us all up on our feet.  It's shimmering pop with very understated beat that gradually ropes you in."   www.robertmaseko.com
Roberto2003 Italian singer-songwriter with excellent melodies.
Roger T & MC Flexy2004 Baron Studio Sound
Roland Chadwick2004 An Australian composer and guitarist who plays 'anything with frets on'.  Internationally renowned.   www.rolandchadwick.com
Root2003 Warm but minimalist, strong but graceful.  Acoustic guitar with vibraphone and hand drums.
Roz & Nick2005 The crowd's favourites from the Silver Moon acoustic stage will defy you not to tap your feet…   
Rufus & Co.2005 On its way, Funky soul band of pro/star musicians, brought together by Rufus Stone, singer-songwriter of original songs encapsulating his personal life experiences with world issues to inspire all.
Rush Hour2003 Acoustic band with its heart in the right place.
Ruth Ford2003 Really lovely songs from the gorgeous Ruth.

Sally Clay2004 2005 Accomplished,sensitive singer/pianist with a stunningly broad repertoire of jazz standards, love ballads, soul classics, original material and show tunes.  
Salsa Celtica2004 Salsa Celtica's success is a remarkable story.  They got together in 1995 playing around the bars and clubs of Edinburgh and Glasgow.  After recording their debut album 'Monstruos y Demonios' (Monsters and Demons), they took their music around the village halls of Scotland: from Skye to Mull, Iona to Barra, Lewis to Orkney, Ullapool and almost everywhere else in between.  After this they saved up their pennies and headed off to Cuba to hang out with their favourite 'son' and salsa groups (including Son14 and Sonora La Calle) and soak up Afro-Cuban sounds in Havana and Santiago de Cuba.  Swapping whisky for rum and percussion classes, they acquired new tastes and deepened their skill, returning to Scotland to share them with wild audiences at 'Celtic Connections' and other Festivals.   www.salsaceltica.com
Salsa in the Street2004 Watch demonstrations from experienced dancers and hear the hottest Latin rhythms.  Join in and dance salsa, merenge and cha-cha.  (Lessons every Monday evening at the Town Hall, Hitchin.)   www.and123.co.uk
Salsa with And1232005 An excursion into the Latin side of funk.   www.and123.co.uk
Samuel OyedjiI2004 Innovative world music artist combining ethnic roots with digital technology in a breathtaking and evocative fusion of African and European, the ancient and the modern.   www.oyediji.com
Section 132003 2004 Live set from UK-based Hip Hop crew whose members come from Birmingham, London and Stevenage.  
Sentinal2005 A new breed in melodic power metal.  Twin lead guitar, keyboard and vocal harmonies, laid on a thundering rhythm section.  Debut 4-Track EP available now.   www.sentinal-metal.com
Shade Of Blues2005 A packed stage and some great dance grooves as Daniel, Luke, James, Verity, Steven, Yusef and Peter create a beat that speaks to the feet.
Shard2003 2005 You wait for ages for glamorous pop stars to come along, and then five come along from Hitchin all at once! Shard are a Hitchin band whose metal disco art pop has captured hearts beyond the town.  Following the release of their first album InPerfection, Shard toured the UK last year and awoke to 2005 to find their music being blessed by the London Emissary of the Dalai Lama — honestly! As band member Laurence said 'Even when life's a bed of roses, thorns, like shards of glass, lie deeper still'.  You have been warned!   www.shardmusic.co.uk
Sir Walter J. Wallis2004 2005 Your host for the Market Place Stage.
Siyaya2005 Siyaya are an African group that combine music, dance and theatre to produce striking and thought-provoking shows.  Coming from the Makokoba Township, (Bulawayo's oldest township) they started in 1989 as the Nostalgic Actors and Singers Alliance but 10 years later rechristened themselves Siyaya — 'Only Move'. 

Siyaya reinterprets and brings to life traditional Zimbabwean tales, music and dance, through musicals and plays.  Their music is about telling people their lives — it's happiness and sadness, and their dance, though contemporary, is based on original Zimbabwean tradition.  Siyaya are a breathtaking dance company not to be missed.   www.siyaya-arts.com
Smokin' Dick Burns2005 A large drunken buffoon with a guitar.  He's suffered for his art and now it's your turn !  
Sniper2003 2004 Melodic rock featuring members of Scene 2 and Flaccid.  5 piece from Hitchin who incorporate elements of punk, indie and rock producing an enigmatic sound.  Plenty of razzmatazz live.
Some Dogs2003 Country punk with a full vibe and plenty to dance to; really entertaining.
Soname2003 This Tibetan woman's voice is awesomely powerful, as she sings her self-penned "Modern Tibetan Mountain Songs" unaccompanied.  Her performances leave audiences profoundly moved.
Sons of South2005 Live set from Luton based Hip Hop Cru  
Soul Rider2003 2004 A bunch of great local young musicians have fun playing with tunes ranging from Brand New Heavies and Liquid Soul through to The Average White Band and James Brown.
Soul Town2005
Spandex Ballet2005 If Simon and Garfunkel discussed the state of the world with Richie and Eddie from 'Bottom' they'd probably conclude that Spandex Ballet were its saviours.    www.spandexballet.tk
Splittin Rocks2005 Five piece Celtic rock band featuring electric fiddle and whistle, includes traditional tunes and Irish covers, fast and furious!
St Mary's Church Choir2005 The resident choir of St Mary's Church reclaim the space after the weekend's festivities with a programme of choral and organ music from the Anglican Choral Tradition.
Steve Dean2004 2005 Haunting guitar loops and songs that take you to faraway places (Some good, some not so good).  Sit back, close your eyes and drift away…  
Steve Forbes2004 Bizarre penguin-balancing musical maestro Steve Forbes plays some of the most ridiculous songs you're ever likely to hear anywhere ever! Not to be missed.
Stig2004 2005 STS tekno needs no introduction in this area.   
Stonegrass2003 Punchy, guitar-driven rock with strong melodic vocals.
Suburban Entertainment2005 DJ's G-One, Digga-d and spyro playing the funkier side of R 'n' B.  Sweetfm 89.4.  
Subversion2003 Young bouncy punk outfit.
Sukhi Rayat's Tabla Rhythms2003 2005 Sukhi Rayat will perform with 6 young Tabla players.  Sukhi is a well-known name in ROTW and has appeared regularly since 1992.  
Sweet As2004 Classic acoustic numbers from a duo combining the vocal talents of Arlesey-based Dawn Leigh and the intricate guitar work of Hitchin man Bill Lennon.
Syrus2003 Old-school metal gods — hard hitting thrash and biting solos — one for the headbangers and lovers of rock.

Tabeeya 'Raqs Sharqi' Dance Collective2005 Traditional and contemporary Egyptian dance, performed with passion.  The dancers are experienced performers and teachers who have studied extensively in the UK and Egypt.    www.raqssharqi.co.uk
Table Ensemble2004 Extravaganza.   www.chakardar.com
Tarantism2003 Old festival favorites, Tarantism combine Celtic roots with ska, dub and techno, to create the perfect summer festival vibe.   www.tarantism.co.uk
Tez2005 Stunning writing ability, vocal and guitar playing to boot.  Tez produces a truly poetic sound that is sultry, sexy and seductive!  
The Acoustic Project2005 Featuring the vocal talents of Fran, accompanied by Jenny and Adam on guitars.  A relaxed fresh take on acoustic songwriting and deliveingr strong, melodic tunes.
The Addictive Dholis2004 2005 Anil Toora, Ricky Kooner, Dalbir Gill, Daniel Buttar, Gurdeep Jandu and Hardip Jagpal learnt to play Dhol from Anil Bhagwat at the Ravidassia Community Centre and have participated in many programmes across local venues.   www.addictive-dholis.tk
The Attic Twins2003 Mind-twisting soul, funk and reggae beats.
The Barrie Baker Trio2004 Cool chords and warm voice to shiver your timbers.
The Burning Bush2005 Exuberance, defiance, celebration and ribald wit all come together on the emotional rollercoaster ride that is a Burning Bush performance.  Combining foot-tapping klezmer, exotic Arab-influenced dance music from the old Ottoman world and haunting, mystical ballads of the ghetto, The Burning Bush cross cultural boundaries with their uninhibited brio in music both timeless and topical.  Featuring the amazing voice and sinuous violin of Lucie Skeaping and the breathtaking, unbridled virtuosity of clarinettist Ben Harlan, this multi-talented sextet presents music that is impossible to resist.    www.theburningbush.co.uk
The Cream Of Young Jazz2005 A group of young musicians progressing to major conservatoires in London to study jazz on a four year degree course.
The Deed — The Rock Project2004 Pupils from Heathcote, Nobel and Freman prove that Stevenage's rock tradition is alive and kicking with some heavy rock grooves and powerful vocals.  (Hertfordshire Music Service)
The Desoles2003 Strong melodic indie rock three-piece from Baldock.
The Film2003 Rockers playing their hearts out with well-written songs.
The Funky Monks2005 The Funky Monks are a six-piece band which specialises in great funky / soul / rock covers amongst some of its own fantastic original material.   www.thefunkymonks.net
The Great Beyond2003 Soulful acoustic rock with an endearing singer and guitar playing influenced by progressive rock.
The Hertfordshire County Gamelan2004 An orchestra of metal gongs, metallophones and chimes, hand-crafted in Indonesia.  A public workshop followed by a performance by the Stevenage gam group.  The simplicity of the playing technique makes them almost instantly accessible by children and adults of all levels of musical experience.
The Home Wrechers Club2004 Fresh-faced and hailing from Hitchin, four scruffy, skinny, indie kids playing catchy retro rock riffs and indie tunes locally and throughout London.   www.thehomewreckersclub.co.uk
The Influenced — The Rock Project2004 Goldfinger, Red Hot Chilli-Peppers and Sugarcult rub shoulders in this punky and powerful twin-vocal-led combo.  Pupils from John Henry Newman and Nobel kick out the jams.  Excellent original material.  (Hertfordshire Music Service)
The Matzos2004 This five-piece play Klezmer — a fusion of central and eastern European and Ottoman music with the Eastern roots of Jewish religious music.  Soulful melodies and driving dance.   www.jcm.co.uk/matzo.html
The Monsters2004 Do you remember those days before Mozart, when we only had Bill Haley and Eddie Cochran to keep us warm at night? The Monsters do.
The MordekkersOne of the most innovative live bands in the UK, mixing traditional pipes and mandola with live drum and bass for an energetic, infectious groove.   www.mordekkers.co.uk
The Naked Truth2004 Guitar, vocals and African drums take you on an uplifting melodic journey with soulful sunshine grooves.
The Nang Clan2003 2004 R 'n' B, hip-hop and reggae.
The New Town Centres2005 The New Town Centres possess all the angular quirks and catchy hooks of the current crop of Brit bands breaking into the charts.  Bloc Party must be sh*tting themselves.   www.newtowncentres.com
The Otters2004 2005 A musical mixture with a dramatic edge.  Featuring Astronauts, Sell Outs + Dom & Craig.  Be very worried and bring a kazoo.   www.myspace.com/cillablack
The Rock Project2004 The Rock Project is an initiative set up by the Hertfordshire Music Service to support young people to learn and play rock and world music.  Only in its first year, the project has already helped several hundred young people to participate in workshops and live performances in venues from youth clubs to the Albert Hall.  On Saturday the acclaimed rap workshop 'Street Talk', in collaboration with the Roots Project, will be presenting 'New Country, New Voices'.  On Sunday bands from the fast-growing Stevenage Rock school and other areas will be playing at Club 85 before showcasing the winning songs from the Hertfordshire Young Song Writer 2004 competition.
The Shivers2005 An acoustic rock n' roll 4 piece from Cambridge, England.  They draw inspiration from everything from 1960's Beat Pop to bad assed Bluegrass.   www.theshivers.co.uk
The Silent Call2005 Andrew (vocals) and Oliver Crocombe (guitar/vocals).  The WGC based acoustic duo write and perform beautifully crafted pop songs.  Today Greg Cochrane accompanies them on percussion.    www.thesilentcall.com
The Sliders2005 A raw authentic rockabilly band that combine Country and Blues to create that explosive sound heard in American towns in the mid fifties.   
The Spikey Hedgehogs2003 Some of the finest young musicians in Hertfordshire, having fun with some great jazz standards.
The Vicious Cabaret2005 WLTM broad-minded audience to share collection of folk, hip-hop, blues, rock, country and reggae tunes.  Must like singing, superheroes and have GSOH.  Hitchin-based but will travel.  
The Waterfront2005 Like a mainstream refused with influences from emo, metal, hardcore, punk and soul.  Party music for punk kids!  
The Witness Channel2005 Broadcasting boldly to bring you an addictive alternative, mixing a heady blend of live disco beats, spiky guitars and precocious melodies.  Tune in and turn up…
Tigerstyle Records2005 Matt Tigerstyle and friends playing 25th century Soul music.   www.tiger-style.co.uk
Toque Tambor2003 2004 2005 Hitchin's premier exponents of Brazilian street music.  This 45-strong percussion group play seriously fat grooves from the land of the Latino.  Ask about joining!!!   web.onetel.net.uk/~toquetambor
Trevor Hensley2005 Original songwriter with a big acoustic sound.  Ranging from melodic folk to acoustic rock.  Written from the heart, his songs tell their own stories.  

Uncle Phil2003 From Finland this very tight three-piece play great guitar-driven funky hard rock.   www.uncle-phil.com
Unstoppable Nature2003 Hip-hop crew from Australia and Milton Keynes.
Unwise Monkeys2005 Six turntables, three mixers and a helluvalot of sweat!!!   www.djhansi.com

Varanasi Musicians2004 From one of India's oldest cities, in northeast-central India on the Ganges River, a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site.  The holy city of Varanasi is world-renowned for its religious and spiritual traditions.  The Varanasi musicians bring a flavour of it to Hitchin.
Virtual Biscuit2004 2005 Original Electro-Acoustic based Folk/Rock and Blues harmony band.  Songs are inspired by life, love, dreams, legends, and social issues.   www.virtualbiscuit.co.uk
Visions 20002003 Notting Hill style reggae sound system.

Wadali BrothersThe Wadali brothers are a legend in their lifetime.  Born in Guru ki Wadali in Amritsar, the Brothers were the fifth generation of musicians given to singing the messages of the Sufi saints, the most divine of melodies that draws inspiration from the emotion of love and its power to transform the world.  Practising music for years, these unassuming brothers now excel in almost all genres, from Sufi qalaam, qawwali and kaafi to bhajans, shabads and ghazals.  With a vast canvas of music, the brothers have grown from strength to strength, winning the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1991, the coveted Tulsi Award in 1998, and the Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 2003. 
Weightloss2005 Six piece brass led Skacore band based in Hertfordshire, combining technical horn parts with impatient ska and heavy melodic punk, offering a stupidly energetic show.   www.myspace.com/weightloss
Western Appalachian Dancers2003 American percussion dancing with Kerry Fletcher.
Woombroom2003 Excellent upbeat funky modern jazz from local music graduates.
WYSIWYG2003 From Shefford School, a great little blues/rock band made up of students and teachers.

Youth Urban Dance2004 Herts dance tutors have helped local young people from Highfields School and the Bancroft Youth Centre develop some Urban Dance routines to perform at this year's ROTW.  (North Herts Council)

Zion Train2005 Having just returned from a tour of Poland, Zion Train bring their pioneering dub music — alternative, DIY and fine roots reggae — to ROTW.

Zion Train began with Perch (live dub mixing), Molara (voice), Tench, Cod (melodica), Hake (trumpet) and Forkbeard (trombone).  Later the Dubdadda added extra vocals and Bigga replaced Forkbeard on trombone.  The live line-up is flexible, varying from Perch and a vocalist to the full band and guest vocalists such as Fitta Warri and Kenny Knots. 

Zion Train produce everything from music to magazines, CD-ROMs to Internet sites to sound systems, but specifically quality dub, electronic, and world dance music (eight albums in 12 years) of melodic songs, dancefloor beats and deep dub.   www.wobblyweb.com