Top 5 money-losing factors of any property

When it comes to selling your home, there are so many little things which could make your home lose on its value. So, we thought to give you a handful of advice on what these main factors are and how you can avoid or fix these.

The amortisation

Amortisation is in many sense similar to the process of slow rotting or rusting. We tend to get so used to it, that we don’t see it anymore. This is the result of living somewhere for many years doing only basic cleaning, deep cleansing perhaps once or twice a year, if ever. Most families or individuals would not deep cleanse their home ever. This results in the home turning slowly ran down.

Solution: call in a professional cleaners’ group to give your home a proper deep cleansing. Cleanness would drastically change the whole feel and appearance of your home for the better. Do the cleaning right after decluttering.

The clutter

Another thing which can have a very bad effect on your home is clutter. No, we do not only mean litter or trash, but everything that’s stored in a home unnecessarily. We all do have clutter, its exact measure depends on our lifestyle. All those unworn clothes, artefacts, too many knick-knacks held for memories, old newspapers, boxes and tons of food, most of which is already expired. All this is clutter. Clutter makes a home appear bad and it’s definitely make its value less.

Solution: clearing all the clutter will magically create space for you. Everything would instantly feel more spacious.

Old, used , untrendy furniture - over furnishing

Furniture can have a very bad effect to any space, in a good way and in a bad way especially when there is just too much of it. Get rid of the bad looking pieces, especially before you prepare to get moved. If you get your bad looking furniture out and get at least one or two statement pieces (which you will either leave for an extra or can take it with you). Also, the way you furnish a room can drastically change its whole feel, appearance and the space in it. Work out how your rooms look their very best.

Dirty walls – and walls with too much color

Walls would get dirty and so would all the window frames and door frames. Getting all these painted is half the success to a fine value home. Clear off all the statement colours as not everyone is fond of these and they also can have some serious effects on how their size feel. These years, lighter Earth tones or lighter grey tones are extremely popular and also they make it easier for anyone to furnish a room as they would like to.

Unkempt garden/yard or similar outdoor space

Many people specifically look for homes with gardens. But in order to persuade them, that yours is great you will need to care for it and make them look great. A well installed seating corner in a private setting, nicely cut grass and hedges would all help make your home look so much classier. If you feel you are not able to cope with this, call a gardener.