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People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds united in enjoyment of a single event.  It is the largest free festival of world music in the UK and it takes place in the streets of Hitchin:

  • Now in its 14th year
  • Highlight of the Hitchin Festival
  • 140 performances with over 700 performers on eight stages
  • Projected audience of 25,000
  • A registered charity organised by local volunteers
  • Funded by sponsorship, grants, stall lets, and merchandise sales.

The aims of the festival are:

  • Provide a bridge of common interest between different age, race, ability and economic groups through community activity.  It is a "world" music festival of cultural exchange on a local as well as international level.
  • Provide new opportunities for people to engage in community activity, with an emphasis on young people.
  • Promote the arts.
Arts for social inclusion